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THE BREATH BELT is a diaphragmatic breath training tool that activates the gluteal muscles. The non stop, tactile diaphragmatic breath cues alleviate muscles and fascial restriction of the abdominal muscles, allows the Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum Muscles to function with less restriction.
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*UPGRADED BREATH BELTS (Estimated Shipping: 5-7 Business Days)

THE BREATH BELT is a diaphragmatic breath training tool that activates the gluteal muscles. The non stop, tactile diaphragmatic breath cues alleviate muscles and fascial restriction of the abdominal muscles, allows the Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum Muscles to function with less restriction.

THE BREATH BELT is now helping thousands of clients as well as numerous professional and college sports teams in corrective movement, rehabilitation, and strength training. It is an incredibly powerful tool to help an athlete or coach make the link between diaphragmatic breathing and an optimal glute firing pattern as they are tied systems.

Currently being used by high school athletes, high level collegiate athletes, elite health & fitness professionals, healthcare professionals, celebrities, the United States Army, Olympic athletes, former Mr. Olympia’s, and professional athletes associated with the National Football League, National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Free Shipping on all orders*



• Train Intra Abdominal Pressure •

Encourage an Unrestricted Diaphragm, Allowing Abdominals to maintain their Elasticity

• Reduce Back Pain •

Turn on Psoas & QL Muscles via Tactile Breath Cues to Stabilize the Spine

• Align Hips •

Lengthens Tight Hip Flexors, Balancing the Hips and Decompressing Lumbar Spine

• Enhance Breathing •

Enhance Diaphragmatic Breathing – Improving Performance

• Recover Faster •

When You Breath Better, Fuller, and Deeper – You Recover Faster

• Rehab Catalyst •

Keep Hips Balanced Pre-Post Operation or Rehabilitation



  • 10 built-in stabilizing supports & internal sleeves

  • Secure, double-belt closure for customizable active compression

  • High performance fabric is lightweight, breathable & fabric infused to reduce odor

  • Allows full range of motion while supporting lower back during activity

  • Wear under or over clothing



  1. PLACE

    1. Line up base of THE BREATH BELT at your Pubic Bone covering the top 2″ of your hip bones

    2. Pull over & velcro the Left Strap 1st & Right Strap 2nd

    3. Tighter fit recommended for optimal use

  2. PACK (Optional)

    1. Place front side distraction balls between the corner of your hip bones and your belly button 

    2. Recommended back side distraction to compress the SI Joints

  3. STRAP

    1. Before applying 2nd Strap, take 3 diaphragmatic breaths to bring awareness to the active resistance of the internal distraction

    2. Exhale fully as you apply the Left Strap 1st, Right Strap 2nd

    3. Be aware of the compression and begin to diaphragmatically breath 


Hear what the top Fitness Professionals are saying about THE BREATH BELT:

31 reviews for THE BREATH BELT

  1. Gregg Portnoy

    The effectiveness of the breath belt can’t be overstated! It is so obviously to me and all my friends who have put it on and noticed an INSTANT impact! I really feel that the breath belt is and will be the major tool for trainers of all types! Excited to continue to share this product with the fitness world!

  2. Todd Barker

    The breath belt has been a game changer for me especially when I am running, it feels like it did when I was a kid. Muscles stay loose but explosive, my squat has also never felt better. I am planning to order one for the office sometime this week and start trying it out with patients.

  3. TM Athletic Development

    The breath belt has been a game changer for our athletes! Many of our athletes have come from elite level gymnastics and have had chronic back pain ever since. Every athlete that has used the breath belt has had zero back pain while wearing it during the training sessions. It is a great product!

  4. Bill Parsons

    I love my breath belt! I do my Wim Hof exercises activities daily with the breath belt and am able to move breath more fully into my upper chest utilizing core stability and postural improvements throughout the day.

  5. Benn James

    I’ve been using the breath belt religiously for about six months now and it has definitely helped me in multiple ways! Any extended sittings (Flights, drives, movies) used to murder me and now I can pop up and walk comfortably! That alone would have been worth the purchase. It has also dramatically improved my body structurally! Everyday my hips reside more naturally where they are supposed to be, which obviously improves my posture, physical performance, and how comfortable I am in my own body. The improvement in my breathing mechanics is something that enhances everything I do during the day.

  6. The Distance Project

    This is the best product / tool that our gym has “ever” purchased. Seriously-this has been such a game changer for our clients.

  7. Josh Smith

    I now believe the hype behind the breath belt! When I started my road trip I was hurting something fierce and I then put the breath belt on and that leveled out my hips and relaxed my psoas and WOW! Changed my whole being!

  8. Evan Willet

    Absolutely love the Breath Belt! Was a product I didn’t realize I needed but just the incredible improvement its made with my lower back pain and knee pain is amazing!

  9. Phillip Morris

    As a high level athlete, improving performance over time is crucial in my career and the improvements I saw after purchasing the breath belt was astounding! This product really does work and every person should have one, regardless if you’re a professional athlete, nurse, student, etc., everyone can benefit!

  10. Joshua Webb

    It’s amazing how much better my brain is firing with my torso properly aligned! I feel more creative and relaxed! This product is amazing!

  11. John Applebomb

    My back feels amazing after just 10 minutes of wearing the breath belt! As an almost 53 year old athlete, I’ve had my fair share of pain and injury and I always feel pretty legit, however, you don’t really realize you can tolerate and manage low level pain and discomfort until you feel the awesome difference when you put on the breath belt! Everyone needs this!

  12. Carol Sweeny

    This is seriously the best piece of equipment I’ve purchased!

  13. Sean Daugherty

    I love using the breath belt! It adds a whole new layer of stability to my breathing during my workouts and really helps me dig deep during my runs! I can’t even think of not using it anymore. It’s definitely a game changer!

  14. Christy Teegs

    I love this product! I was so TFL dominant that my glutes never activated properly. Simply walking with the breath belt for 15 minutes is like a major glute workout for me, love it!

  15. Sharon Michaels

    I was at a MRA conference a few months back and one of my customers threw her back out, so bad that she could barely walk, she went to a chiropractor in Santa Barbara, who told her to rest and stretch, after massaging and adjusting her…she was still in horrific pain and about to give up and go home. Until I put my breath belt on her and she instantly straightened up, grew like two inches in height, and was able to attend the last day of the conference. It was truly a miracle, that I could see with my own eyes! Thank you Jesse for inventing the Breath Belt, it just works!

  16. Brian Gazz

    This is my go to! I used the Breath Belt at my CrossFit competition and people were blown away! I had them put on the breath belt and perform RPR on them – the breath belt taught how to belly breath properly so when I hit a tender spot, they started to get all tense. People I give the breath belt to don’t want to take it off!

  17. Joshua Brunner

    I got my breath belt a few days back and the instant I put it on, I realized I’ve never learned to breath properly!? It was completely eye opening to me! I’m going to order another one so I have one for the gym and one for home that I can just wear around the house. This tool is wonderful, couldn’t recommend enough!

  18. Steve Bomard

    Awesome belt! My hip hinge is getting better and better! Outside of the gym I stand and sit more upright, way less rounded shoulders! Wearing this belt to work also helped tremendously with allowing me to become more mobile and less sore throughout the day!

  19. Collin Sparks

    I am currently recovering from full hip replacement and getting my psoas and glutes back on line and in the correct order/pattern is a priority! I just used the breath belt passively for 30 minutes and can already feel the glute activation! Great product that everyone can benefit from!

  20. Mark Kingston

    This product had my core and lower back on fire! It feels like I rubbed on some muscle reliever! It took my workouts to a whole new level, insane!

  21. Johnny Mercer

    Using the breath belt on a regular basis for workouts and constantly comes in clutch! Anytime I throw on the breath belt for warmups and working sets and it is always like physical therapy!

  22. Aidan Burnett

    First week exercising with the breath belt on and immediately ZERO back pain! Can’t recommend this this product enough!

  23. KC

    Love this product so much! I am not a high level athlete or have any background in professional sports but this product is still as applicable for me as it would be for a high level athlete! Walked around the park today for about 90 minutes with the Breath Belt on and instantly felt better! Going to do this every day for the next 30 days!

  24. Tim Diamonds

    To be honest, I have never been contacted by the owner of a company (Or Former NFL player) before regarding a shipment issue – very cool! Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly Jesse! Very hands-on customer service, exactly the type of customer service that anyone would hope for!

  25. Tom Snield

    Received my new Breath Belt this past week and already have benefitted from the added support this belt gives me for my lower back. There are many belts on the market but this one is high quality, durable and really works!

  26. Chris Schaffer

    I use my breath belt for everything! Lifting, work, traveling, etc. Had so many injuries in college play so just trying to stay active. Absolute great product!

  27. Shelly Wheeler

    This product works like magic! I’ve been using the breath belt and my left side feels like it’s been completely opened up. My glute and psoas are much more responsive and I’m able to breath deep into my lower back and belly!

  28. Mike Aiello

    Recently purchased the breath belt and have done every workout with it since! I haven’t deadlifted comfortably without a leather belt and now I am feeling virtually pain free without a leather belt and just the breath belt, there is some kind of magic going on here!

  29. Chris Duffin

    I tell every single one of my clients that they NEED to get one of these! It is no doubt a game changer in and out of the gym! Before you buy any other fitness related piece of equipment, you need to buy the Breath belt first!

  30. Carolynn Wasp

    As a professionally trained Actor and Vocalist, breath control is at the highest priority for me! The breath belt too my abilities to the next level, I was able to train in the studio for longer durations and had a quicker turn around time with getting back in the studio! On stage, I have never been better from a vocal/projection standpoint! Ever since using the breath belt, I have gotten more call back auditions and have collaborated with more individuals in the studio – this is a must for any entertainer, singer, or actor, it will elevate your level to new heights!

  31. Nick Kuhn

    Having a purposeful warm-up is crucial in keeping your body healthy, safe, and pain-free! Breathing mechanics are a staple in my warm ups as it help me dial in how my body feels any particular day, and improves my postural awareness. The BREATH BELT is the BEST tool I have found to feed me the proper feedback! You need to get this product!

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